Note- Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Fire offering Dharma ceremony

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Calamities relief, Blessings, Magnetisation, Bardo Deliverance Fire offering Dharma ceremony.

After three years of being affected by the epidemic, this year we are finally having our first Bardo deliverance Puja dharma ceremony at Sydney Léi Zháng Temple.

On Sunday 7th August at 1.30 pm, we will have the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Calamities relief, Blessings, Magnetisation, Bardo Deliverance Fire offering Dharma ceremony, conducted by Vajra Master Lián Qí.

It has been two years since we have held a Bardo deliverance Puja at Léi Zháng Temple.

Master Lian Qi has instructed us to prepare enough offerings for this puja.

Master specifically mentioned that she hoped that every fellow who has a memorial tablet in the Ksitigarbha Temple can offer their own offerings with a Gold money.

Léi Zháng Temple also offer the following options for our fellow worshippers to choose from:

Option A: Ancestors/Deceased Parents/Deceased Relatives

A1: $28, included offerings):

$3 (Rice)
$2 (Water)
$3 (Cooked food)
$3 (Fruits)
$1 (Flowers)
$2 (Lamp)
$4 (Gold Paper)
$3 (Lotus)
$1 (Incense)
(Dry food $6 (bread, instant noodles, biscuits, sweets, buns).

A2: $28 (A2: $28, included offerings):

Food bag $20 (house, car, ingot, gold bar, coin, shirt, coat, shoes, gold paper, lotus, dharma boat) + $8 (rice, water, food and fruit)

Option B Karmic creditors / attached lingering Spirit / Aborted foetus spirits

B1: $9 ($2 for rice water food and fruit, $4 for gold paper, $3 for Lotus flower)

B2: $12 (Rice, water, food and fruit $2, gold paper $4, lotus flower $3, lamp $2, incense $1)

The above offerings are based on the idea that each and every ancestor, karmic creditor and aborted foetus spirit who attends the puja will feel your sincerity as an invitee, so that they will be happy to receive gifts when they come to the puja venue.

If you feel that one offering for your ancestors or debtors is not enough, you can purchase an extra food bag or gold paper lotuses.

️The temple is now accepting applications for the puja. Disciples can come to Léi Zháng Temple to fill in the registration form in person, or sign up in the group. We will provide two registration forms:

A)祈福表(Blessing registration form)
B)超度表(Bardo deliverance registration form)

Please fill in the application form according to its content. Each registration form requires an entry fee to indicate that you have purchased a ticket to invite your ancestors and relatives to attend the Puja. The registration fee is optional.

️In the Bardo Deliverance Puja Dharma ceremony there is the Bardo deliverance wooden plaque where one can write the content details on.

Each wooden piece Fire Puja plaque is priced at $0.50.

Each bardo deliverance wooden plaque is $1

Blessing registration wooden plaque is $1

️In addition, we have to report to our fellow disciples that for each puja, apart from the expenses on the offerings, we have to give an offering to our Lineage Root Guru, living Buddha Lian Sheng Guru, as well as a plane ticket and offerings for the Master presiding over the dharma ceremony of the day.

Therefore, the registration of the sponsors for each puja is a way of sponsoring the operation of the entire dharma ceremony. The main suppliants are showing selfless devotions and giving charitably, they are infinitely virtuous. For this puja, as in previous pujas, we have the following sponsorship sign-ups:

Great Main Supplicant $500

Small supplicant $100

For every Supplicant who signs up, we will give you a gift bag. At the end of the dharma meeting, the presiding Master of the Dharma ceremony will offer a prayer of thanks to each and every benefactor.

We are aware that the world economic challenges as prices are rising, so every family and individual’s living expenses will be tightened, therefore, we will do whatever we can to help.

The registration form for the group will be available below. The deadline to register in the group is July 31.

All the food bags for the purchase of offerings, Gold paper, Fire Puja wood, Blessing plaque, We’ll put your name on it and pinned to a lotus flower.

This year’s bardo deliverance Dharma Ceremony is a rare opportunity, and I hope our fellow disciples will not miss it. Any fellow disciples who would like to attend the dharma ceremony please register as soon as possible to facilitate our backup work. Thank you All