[:zh]悉尼嚴山雷藏寺年度大會詳情[:en]The Yen Shan Tang True Buddha Order Annual General Meeting will be held on[:]


Date日期:  26th  February 2017, Sunday. 2017年二月二十六日,星期日

Time時間:  2  pm下午二時 (After session, 同修之後)

Place: 645 Princes Highway, Tempe NSW 2044





  1. Meeting opened by Chairperson welcomes members and guests

(大會開始 – 主席歡迎會員)

  1. Apologies


  1. Confirmation of minutes of last AGM


  1. Presentation of the Annual Report 2014-2016 – By Chairperson followed by question time


  1. Presentation of the Annual Financial Statement 2014-2016 – by Treasurer followed by question time.

(財政解說2014年至2016年的財政報告, 之後提問時間)

  1. Current Management Committee dissolved, all Management Committee members retired


  1. Election of Committee members – by Presiding Officer, the Chairperson



  1. Explanation of election method


  1. Introduction of candidates


  1. Questions to Candidates


  1. Commencement of voting


  1. Votes Counting


  1. Declaration of the new board members


  1. Other Business.