1. Lynne Ting 陈俐颖- President
2. Erwin Marzukie 马永腾– Treasurer and Secretary
3. Tracy Lau 林翠莲 – Ritual Offering items佛具部
4. Shai Ling Yeh 叶雪玲 – Dharma activities法务部
5. Hendro Atmaja – OHS officer, CTO, send email to members monthly.
6. Lina Leeson 黄丽娜 Public Officer
7. Hu Xinwen 胡秀文 – Vice President – 报告,活动, broadcast.
8. Yanaria Taslim 林燕燕 – General affairs, Procurement food for offering
9. Carol Au Lai Mew 欧丽妙 – Library, GM book promotion, Donation collections.
10. Darwin Tjoea 蔡彬成 – Registration forms, General Affairs 2, Assistant Secretary;
常住法師: 蓮桐法師