Annual Earth Guardian / Luminance Light

The Ritual of Annual Planet Guardian Installation

(What it is and how it works)

At the beginning of every Chinese lunar year, as the new animal sign replaces the old one, there is also the “changing of guards” from one Annual Planet Guardian to another. The Annual Planet Guardian is the chief planet god who oversees men’s fortunes during that particular year.


2022 (Ren Yin) Tai Sui, Blessing Light and Longevity Registration
2022 ( Ren Yin ) Tai Sui for Year of Tiger

Clashing signs: Tiger and Monkey

Conflicting signs: Snake and Pig

People registering for the ritual must send in their names and addresses to the temple. The amount of offering is up to each individual. A date will be selected by the venerable at the temple for the ritual of installation. After installation, one should make frequent visits to the shrine of the Annual Planet Guardian to make offerings (such as flowers, incense, etc) and to pray for protection. During the prayers, visualize the talisman of the Annual Planet Guardian emitting a beam of red light to completely enshroud one. This is followed by bowing three times.


During the above praying, one can visualize one’s family members there bowing and receiving the showering of protective red light.

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